Haiku & the sort #1

Written on multiple occasions.


Rumble, young lady
Or maybe sing a soft song
We will love you on

Two souls in a park
Two rivers meeting in the dark

Green fields in a drop
Flipped, on a foggy window
Something’s going on?

Snowflake hits the ground

Thursday.. Friday.. oh!
Weekend fun is here, let’s go
No! Get back to work.

Long slender fingers
of warm hands on her red pants
Shall I clasp them now?

Multiple pinned tabs
are open on empty mind
Yet “yes, it is fine.”

Two worlds in my mind
Play riveting stories, as
My world tumbles by


The crow caws, as I
walk through a graveyard, but it’s
just a stupid thought!

drifting in deep blue
i see a surreal glow
warm, out of reach. Blue

Fly Birdie, Fly..

There I see you,
in my chat list
And cannot help but wonder,
how it came to this.

I was a lonely kid, you know
Wrapped in my vast dream-space though.
And there you were
A kid who no-one would hear
Buried under her own weight and tear.

A different problem
An unknown world
All I could think –
How to stop you from the sink.
No matter what
The demons had to stop.

And you fought.
Our love, your will,
A brave shot.
Them demons they don’t go
I know
But you now the captain of your yacht.

Being the captain ain’t no cake-walk
It’s hard to take stock.
No worries.
Stand brave by your mast
Sail through storms steadfast
Let me take care of them flurries?

All these words
I feel like I sing them to me.
You say “I’m captain strong
In no need of this song.”
But bear with me
As I set you free
With a solemn twang.


Distance is a bitch
Helps you easily ditch.
We did not evolve
For a long-distance haul.
Though when that did humans stall?
We oughtn’t feel that small.

I was raised to be free
No dream big
No achievement small
Live and let live
Those were the walls three.

My dreamscape is vast
I often get lost.
You helped me stay sane
Still did I complain.
Now am paying the cost.

Being twenty-two is no excuse
Actions I should still peruse.
I was a fool, I am a fool
Hope I wasn’t very cruel.
I feel like a mule.

Love is no joke
Makes them demons choke
Helps them emotions evoke.
Love changes all
Makes them curl like a ball
Helps them stand up tall.

I loved you.
No, I love you!
Softer than your teddy bear
Smoother than your skin
Sweeter than swiss chocolate
Spicier than paprika
Subtler than the subtlest being I know – you.
I guess these are just words now,
My love wasn’t enough.

You loved me once
Thank you for that bunce.
Everyone wants to be loved
Everyone wants to feel infinite.
Guess I multiplied it with zero
I am now unloved.


Frankly, I am tired.
I hardly feel inspired.
You were the light
You may say “It’s childish
Don’t idolise/idealise”
But that kept my days bright.

I cannot hate
You are, foremost, my mate.
Life’s most beautiful part
Can’t be stolen from my heart.
You say “I feel nothing”
There has to be something.
Matters of the heart
Don’t ever fall apart.

Encore, “nothing.”
Encore, “nothing.”
Focussed on the wrong
Not on the issues
But that there were issues.
Me idiot went along
We were no more strong.

I hear distance laugh
I hear confusion smirk
I hear pragmatism sigh
I hear trust snore
I hear promises die
I hear love give up
I hear them fairies cry.

Relationships sustain on love? Wrong!
Relationships might be built on love,
Relationships sustain on stubbornness.
A memory of the mindful promises made,
A future seriously weighed,
Of life no longer afraid.

You say “I have made up my mind.”
I say “Fine birdie, fly..
Soar above the ragged landscape of life
Feel the wind give you hope
Let it help you cope.
And when you feel fine
Come down by the vine
A world then do define.
And if you feel it’s right
Come out into the night
Let the stars guide you
To the one you love who.”

Worry about me not
I too have a yacht
That sail fast ought.
Food, dance, music, stories
Friends of mine
Will always make me shine.
Life may not always rhyme
But is nevertheless sublime.

Good luck, sweetiepie
I will not say goodbye.
A friend once said –
“We’re going our separate ways
But the world is round
Our paths sure will cross.”

Science, what?


(This is a dialogue between a teacher and a tenth grade student, to be performed by one person. When he speaks as the teacher, he puts on glasses a bit down on his nose, and maintains a composed face with upright shoulders. When he speaks as the student, he puts the glasses back on his eyes, keeps fingering the glasses, and maintains a convulsed face [which becomes relaxed with time] with drooping shoulders. He rolls about by ninety degrees while shifting character.)

S: Ma’am..

T: Yes?

S: Umm. I.. have a question.

T: Speak up dear.

S: Why is studying science imperative?

T: (Raising an eyebrow with a smile) Huh?

S: Aren’t the studies in humanities enough for the society? Moreover science makes us so mechanistic and cold-hearted. We don’t even stop to think about the malnourished kids of Africa while we gaze away at our touch phones. Shouldn’t empathy be taught rigorously instead? That’d make a happy society.

T: And what makes you think that studying empathy isn’t doing-science?

S: Huh?

T: Let’s begin with defining science. It is a sub part of philosophy, one that resorts to empirical modes of knowledge. By empirical modes I mean observation and experimentation. Now what in the world is studied without observation and experimentation? You brought in empathy. Well, in studying empathy you observe a lot of things which are termed as ’empathy’, and try to find a general pattern. Because, it is a general pattern, an objective pattern, that helps you make optimal decisions in every scenario. Now you put the general pattern to test, you experiment. Once you see that your pattern predicts the observed behaviour, you state that the pattern is reasonably true. But even the slightest inconsistency makes the pattern obsolete, and you start over. Are you following?

S: Yes ma’am. I see your point. That makes science a part of everyday life. (Smiles) But then if empathy is a part of science, why isn’t it taught to us? Why is it always Newton’s law, chemical reactions or animal taxonomy?

T: (Smiles) Well, to be frank, analysing Newton’s laws is easier than even pinpointing the definition of empathy. Physics, chemistry, biology – physical sciences – in their crude forms are easier to experiment with as there we don’t experiment with humans, thus largely removing the factor of subjectivity – which is the biggest hurdle owing to its unpredictability. Also, because of that hurdle, we cannot tone down the arguments given in the social sciences, thus rendering them difficult to read.

S: Then teach those steadily. Why leave them out? Difficulty shouldn’t be a reason to discard something that important.

T: Because what’s necessary is implementing in people a sense of rationality. Irrationality – superstition, blind faith – is eating away at society’s freedom. When people resort to their instincts to make decisions, they inadvertently think that that’s what others should do too. It’s human nature – to preserve one’s ideals, to maintain one’s stability – and that calls for making others see as you see. Add groupism to that, and at the extreme you get fanatics. Whereas in science, we teach you to think, to reason things out. And when you question things, you realise that they aren’t that simple. That instils in you a sense of humility and open-mindedness, thus resulting in a free, thoughtful, happy world. (Pauses) Sorry for the digression. I agree that throwing the social sciences out entirely isn’t the right choice. But then, it is being taught in schools. The level of complexity should increase, I agree. Well, at your age, and maturity, I think you should be given the choice to pursue a full-fledged course in philosophy or the likes. But then we have a huge population, and too few teachers and all that pressure of industrialising the nation..

(The student looks overwhelmed)

T: (Laughs) I’m sorry dear, I lose it sometimes. You got the point right?

S: I think so. (Smiles) Science rocks.

T: Well, try not to go militant with that slogan. (Both laugh) Keep an open mind, but don’t take any nonsense either. (She looks at the watch) Well, I got to go. See you.

S: Thanks ma’am. See you.